We train dietetic and medical professionals on various aspects of MNT. Currently, we offer a training program for meal planning for diabetes- type 1, type 2 and GDM. The training includes understanding the pathophysiology of the disease, Meal planning using therapy like various kinds of insulin or oral hypoglycemic agents. It also includes training to read various CGMS or AGP graphs and dealing with problem areas like sick day regimen, travel across time zones, etc. This is hands-on training which includes case studies, problem-solving and gives ready to use notes to fall back on:

  • Meal planning for type 1 diabetes- use of carbohydrate counting (1day program)
  • Meal Planning for Diabetes: Type 1, Type 2 and GDM (2 days program)

Corporate Programs:

  • We conduct corporate lectures for employees on health-related themes.
  • How to eat healthily and stay fit
  • Prevention of metabolic/ lifestyle diseases
  • Healthy food selection and cooking tips

Listen To What My Colleague Say

  • Patient
    Learning from Shilpa Madam is an experience in itself. Her immense knowledge of the subject along with her vast experience of so many years makes the learning more impactful. The course materials are easy to understand and practical. The best part is the Shilpa madam shares a lot of practical secrets that she has experienced with her patients during the course adding on to our knowledge which helps a lot when we handle a patient with that condition. I have been a part of almost all the online courses offered, and the highly recommend Carbohydrate counting, PCOS management, and GDM management. The time invested in online learning with Shilpa Madam is worth it!