Managing blood glucose levels in type 1 diabetes a task. Many individuals affected with Type 1 diabetes confuse it with Type 2 diabetes and follow incorrect dietary guidelines. This leads to frustration and sometimes even hampers growth in children.

Carbohydrate Counting is a meal planing approach where emphasis is placed on carbohydrates, which affect blood glucose. Using this technique, meals can be planed for the insulin regime that is advised by the doctor. This approach liberalise eating without enforcing any specific food groups. This is important for psychological as well as physiological growth of an individual.

Join Shilpa’s intensive patient training program on Carbohydrate Counting. This 6 week training program covers all facets of Advanced Carbohydrate Counting, empowering patients to take control of their life.


  • Detailed understanding of Type 1 Diabetes
  • Relation of nutrition/ food with blood glucose 
  • Understanding Advanced Carbohydrate Counting
  • Meal/ snack/ eat out with Carbohydrate Counting

What is provide:

  • All calculations of insulin to carb ratio according to patient’s cooking style
  • Understanding of insulin sensitivity factor 
  • Portion size guideline via images
  • Activity guidelines
  • Hypoglycemia management

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Listen To What My Patients Say

  • Mr. Trehan
    Blood tests showed signs of high sugar. Medical tests confirmed this and moreover detected our child as a T1D. Doctors gave their best to administer dosages and ensure that we understood the Dos and Don’ts. Here comes the game changer — The right Nutritionist. I am really thankful to Dr Shilpa Joshi for accepting our request to Administer our child’s journey from the hba1c of 14.4 to 7.1. Initially we were confused why we were not given any meal plans, but with time we really understood her method — 1) It’s a deficiency 2) Cook and make your child eat anything and everything (healthy) 3) Carb counting 4) Transparency is the key 5) Make your child eat out 6) leading a normal life Importantly we realised that we ourselves were eating an imperfect diet and there was an urgent need of a nutritionist like Dr. Shilpa Joshi.
    Mr. Trehan
  • Saloni Suri
    I am a type 1 diabetic who has done the carb counting course with Shilpa Joshi, RD Post my learning sessions with her I find myself better equipped to manage my BSL's. The key to managing Type 1 diabetes is understanding the impact of the food you eat on your sugar levels. Shilpa explains it well as her knowledge base is vast and experience is exemplary. She is a teacher who understands you and advises you on a food plan best suited to your lifestyle.
    Saloni Suri